Join us at an Augmented Reality Summer School in 2017

Augmented Reality is finally moving into the mainstream!

Hailed as “the future of computing”, augmented reality overlays digital information on the real world. From its roots in university research labs in the late 1990s, AR is now being widely adopted in industry and, following massive investments by the world’s leading technology companies, has a clear route into the consumer market.

DAQRI and selected University partners are providing unique opportunities for students to attend free augmented reality summer schools in 2017. The first will be held in January 2017 in Oxford, UK, the second will be held in the USA in Summer 2017 and the third will be held in Australia in November 2017.

Who should attend?

The Summer Schools are ideal for students who would like to conduct further research or work in Augmented Reality.

The schools are suited to Master and PhD students from Computing, Engineering, Media & Design, or related areas. Applicants should have experience in either programming or design, for example programming in C, C++, C#, or an equivalent programming language, mobile app development, or 3D modeling in unity3D (or similar), or related fields such as computer graphics and computer vision.

Student Sponsorship

For selected students, DAQRI will provide sponsorship to help cover travel and accommodation costs. To apply for a bursary, please complete the Application Form.

Course Instructors and Content

Each Summer School will be taught by AR experts from academia and business.

Courses will be based on ARToolKit, the only free, open source, community-supported AR platform and will include lectures, workshops and team-based application development.